OpenCoast develops the technology to offer people and companies the most up-to date and accurate information on the coast - whether they plan for future projects, or simply their next-minute move

Our recipe? We integrate all sorts of contextual data (from social media, web open data, images and videos, etc.) that we merge with more traditional information such as refined weather forecasts. In a nutshell, plenty of in-house coastal-specific analytics

And... why? At OpenCoast we envision plenty of opportunities from the surge of data. We want to apply our coastal context expertise to help people access better information when making their plans


OpenCoast develops cutting-edge IT solutions that integrate and analyse the coastal information [traditional and new digital sources] to boost information streams, insights and time-to-value

Custom IT data-driven solutions

OpenCoast develops bespoke solutions for its clients to assimilate and process internal and external information. Services include data integration, API development, middleware/IoT implementation, infrastructureand cloud services setup

Online solutions

OpenCoast develops online solutions deployed in any Web and Cloud-based schema: Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, etc. Our objective is to provide solutions that provide data analytics insights using modern Big Data technologies to help you make the right decision in time

Advising on digital strategy for coastal & maritime sectors

OpenCoast supports the industry to take advantage from the maritime data value chain (identification, cleaning/formating integration, visualization and dissemination); analysing the best technology and business solution (cloud vs In-house, etc.).


OpenCoast develops a specialised offer for the businesses and industries active on the coasts. We focus on applications that clearly rely on an efficient use and communication of data and information.

Recreation & tourism

Products and services for coastal leisure, watersports, yachting and generally all the services related to the social activities on the coasts (tourism, retail, etc.)

Maritime operations

Logistics and planning, design and sustainability, environmental impact and process optimisation, etc.

Our expertise

Maritime & data science expertise

More than 10 years of experience in Marine Data Analysis, working in coastal & maritime management, as well as engineering projects for that period. We've worked with industries related with the coast activity over twenty countries worldwide.

IT & web technologies

We can provide our expertise in IT and web technologies: from developing client solutions (Internet of Things), BigData and infrastructure planning, data driven solutions development to end user web applications.

Elastic infrastructure

Using the latest cloud technologies, we offer the most affordable Big Data analytics platform in order to minimise costs while providing the most advanced and fast analytics. This selection of latest technologies adapts to specific demands of each problem.


Olivier Duperray


"Olivier has an engineering backgroung with 2 MSc - Mechanics and Water/ Environment. He has 10 years of experience in coastal and maritime projects with engineering companies, R&D institute and NGOs in Asia-Pacific, South America and Europe. Not forgetting the leisure side, Olivier has been surfing, sailing and diving pretty much all over the globe."

"Alejandro is a technology enthusiast, more so how to apply it to solve real-world issues. Holding an MSc in Computer Science, he has worked for almost 10 years in the R&D industry offering new approaches and strategies to face industry problems. His expertise ranges from IoT middleware to BigData technologies. He also loves to go outdoors to practise any kind of watersports: Kitesurf, Windsurf, SUP."

Alejandro Villamarin